Don't overlook these important details when planning your wedding!

Photo Credit:  Style Me Pretty

Photo Credit: Style Me Pretty

As a bride you are in a constant whirlwind of thoughts and reminders, “Did I buy this?” “When is that deposit due?” Did they RSVP?” “Who had that gluten allergy?”  Naturally, in the midst of all these immediate to-do lists, meetings with vendors, and due dates it is likely you will overlook some small, yet important, details. Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled a list of the most common items or responsibilities that busy brides often overlook so that we may spare you some stress later on in your planning!

1.       Your marriage license – Make sure you contact the office in the county you are getting married and make sure you get it your license far enough in advance and/or know how long it is valid.

2.       Budget for gratuity – Double check your vendor contracts to see if gratuity is added. If it isn’t (or you plan to tip on top of included gratuity), make sure you budget tip money for specific vendors for the end of the night.

3.       Postage –  SO much to remember about postage. Not only should you plan to budget for the cost of postage, but also make sure you are buying the CORRECT postage. Take your assembled invitation suite, thank you cards, save the dates, etc. to the Post Office to have them weighed before you assume the type of postage you’ll need and the cost. (Also, don’t forget stamps for your return envelopes if you choose to mail your RSVPs!)

4.       Buying meals for your vendors – Don’t forget to include some meals for the vendors that will be with you throughout your big day and into the night. They will be there for 8+ hours and need to eat as well!

5.       Plan B for bad weather - This only applies if you’re having an outdoor ceremony, and if that’s the case then make sure you have a backup. Weather is unpredictable, and it would be extremely unfortunate if you get rained out on your wedding day and have nowhere to go.

6.       Transportation – Making sure that your friends and family know where to go and how to get there on your wedding day is imperative. Whether you are the one providing transportation or just recommending who they need to contact, make sure everyone knows how they are getting from point A to Point B.

7.       Emergency “Day Of” kit – Disaster can strike at any point on your wedding day and it’s important you’re prepared for it. Whether it be you forgot your deodorant, or you need a bandaid, or you ripped your nylons, make sure you have all the essentials to quickly solve any problems that may arise!

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