Vendor Spotlight: Amy Rastetter (Professional Makeup Artist)

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I recently had the chance to meet with Amy Rastetter, a professional makeup artist based out of Hudson, Wisconsin who serves the Twin Cities and beyond. Her and I met for coffee and hit it off right away! That's when I casually asked her to do my makeup for an upcoming bachelorette party I was attending so she could tell me all about the process and I could get a feel for her style. To say the least, she is one of our FAVES and comes highly recommended!

What do you love most about being a makeup artist?
Being a makeup artist is a real dream come true for this girl! All my life I've longed to be independent in my career and do something that I'm passionate about. I get to meet and work with amazing clients every day!  Being primarily a bridal artist - I get brought in to help plan and execute the brides vision for how she wants to look on her big day. It's important, it's exciting, it's creative and such a rewarding process! They all have a special story to tell, and each one brings something new and special to the table. 

What should brides look for when choosing a makeup artist? 
One of the best recommendations I can make is do your research! It's important to find an artist that you feel comfortable with and can build a good rapport with through this process! Also, talk to your wedding planner and see who they have personally worked with and would recommend; check reviews on artists you are looking at and don't be afraid to reach out and ask a lot of questions! My goal is always be as informative and transparent as possible with my brides in order to help them be comfortable with the whole process.  

What makes you unique from other makeup artists?
My history is a little different from some of the other artists out there. I worked in the corporate recruiting world for 10 years before making the jump into owning my own business. Having a background that specialized in essentially matchmaking folks with great companies (and coming from a family of entrepreneurs) really helped me realize that it was the right time to venture out and do my own thing (no matter what - it was completely terrifying!). I went back to school and started putting the pieces together to get this off the ground and running! I took whatever jobs I could in order to figure out what area of makeup I wanted to focus on. After my first full year, I knew specializing in bridal was the right place for me. Every year get's better and better, and while there are plenty of challenges, being my own boss and running my own business has been one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. These have been some of the best years of my life and I'm so excited for this upcoming wedding season! Another fun fact about me - I've been riding horses since I was 8 years old! 

What's your own best makeup experience? How do people get in touch with you for bookings?
Honestly, they are all great!! The best way for people to get in touch with me is through the contact form on my website: 

Can you share with us the difference between traditional and airbrush makeup? Which do you prefer for your brides? This is a great question and one I get asked all the time! One thing I will say up front: depending on how the bride wants their skin to look that day and the overall health of their skin, sometimes one may work a bit better than the other. One of the biggest differences you'll notice between the two is how they are applied. Traditional foundation is typically applied via a sponge or brush and airbrush makeup is "sprayed" onto the skin using an airbrush pen.  When you use this method to apply - you can almost think of it as the makeup being sprayed and sitting on the skin in "pixels' which looks amazing in pictures! Airbrush makeup is very light, durable, can offer great coverage, won't melt in the heat and can last for 12 + hours! For those brides (and even those in the bridal party) that don't typically wear makeup, airbrush is a fantastic option and one that shouldn't scare you to try! Traditional foundation / makeup has a lot of value as well. However, generally the formula is different and can sometimes feel a little heavier to the wearer (but it's all based on how your makeup artist preps your skin and applies your foundation!). Given the right makeup artist - traditional makeup can look just as stunning and last! Knowing how busy, exciting and long the wedding day is, I truly do believe airbrush is the best way to go!  You will absolutely love the way your skin looks and feels! 

Anything else you want to share with us?!
I still have a few wedding bookings available this year and am already booking brides for 2019!  I'd love to connect anytime if you have questions or are interested in consultation! / 651-303-9212

Melody Hall