Wedding Guest Attire

Picture this. You receive a wedding invitation in the mail (woo-hoo!) You crack open the invite and read all about the big day -- where the wedding will be held, what time you need to arrive for the ceremony, details & accommodations such as hotel room blocks, and dinner entree options. But wait -- there's one thing missing. What are you going to wear to the wedding? Oh-oh, looks like the bride and groom forgot to mention this in their invitation suite. However, no worries, before calling them with questions or asking Aunt Suzie, be sure to check their wedding website as chances are that information might be on there. Not every couple is going to include the attire information to their guests on their wedding invitations, although it is recommended. It's either that they forgot to include this or maybe they just didn't want to. In other words, that's what their wedding website is for -- more details and information can generally be found there. If you do plan to include something about the attire on the wedding invitations or your wedding website, just remember to keep it short and simple. It can be as easy as "BLACK TIE". For wedding invitations, this wording generally appears on the bottom left, right or center of the invitation. On your wedding website, I recommend putting this information under the wedding details tab/webpage. You can also put this information on your separate details card in the invitation suite, too. You're not done yet though! With so many options for attire, you need to understand how to word it. Here are some tips below that you may find helpful for wording:

Black Tie - Men: Tuxedos are a must // Ladies: formal gowns or long dresses
Formal or Black Tie Optional - Men: A tuxedo or suit and tie // Ladies: long dresses
Semi-Formal - Men: Suit and tie // Ladies: Cocktail dresses or dressy skirt and top
Cocktail Attire.- Men: Dress shirts and nice suit pants // Ladies: Short cocktail type dresses
Beach Formal - Men: A summer suit with a linen shirt, khakis and sandals // Ladies: Sundress with flat sandals
Casual - Be comfortable and casual // Men: Button down shirts or polos // Ladies: Summer sundress or skirt or pants with a nice blouse


Photo Credit:  Giant Invitations

Photo Credit: Giant Invitations

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