Pros and Cons of Hiring a Videographer for Your Wedding Day

When it comes to your big day, you'll likely have to hire reputable vendors who will work together as a team to truly make your day amazing. From the photographer, to the DJ, to the caterer/bar service and more -- these are the people who will really make your day happen. However, not all types of vendors are needed. For example, many couples decide to opt out of a photo booth and either have a DIY photo booth or just don't do one at all. There is no "rule" that says you have to have a photo booth, especially if it will save you a few hundred dollars. 

One of the biggest regrets I am hearing from brides is not hiring a videographer for their wedding day. I am also starting to hear brides ask about the pros and cons and if it's worth it to hire a videographer. Well, the short answer is yes and no. At the end of the day, it depends on if you have room in your budget for a videographer. There are many other factors as well which I'll explain in a moment. I personally didn't hire a videographer for my own wedding. Do I regret it? Well, sort of, but for my husband and I, it just wasn't in the budget. Don't get me wrong, it would have been so fun to look back at the video and relive our day. Photos are great, but they just don't compare! I absolutely LOVE seeing videos of my brides and grooms on their wedding day. It truly is a way to relive their big day. 

So, what are the pros of hiring a videographer? While photographs are great, they just don't compare to video. The video will have music and capture the emotions and actions of you and your loved ones on your big day. Not to mention, it will even capture you and your fiance's vows, reading your notes to one another out loud and so on. It truly is like reliving the wedding day when you go back and watch the video (just check out Leonor & Barak's video below as theirs is the perfect example!) Once you receive the video from your videographer, you'll likely share it on social media and email it to your friends and family. Years down the road, you might even show that video to your future kids and grandchildren. In short, it's better to have hired a videographer and never watch it than not hiring one and regretting it years down the road.

So, what are the cons of hiring a videographer? The number one reason most people don't hire a videographer is because they can be expensive. Keep in mind that the average videographer charges anywhere from $2000 - $4,000 for someone who is reputable and experienced. I have seen other videographers just starting out that charge around $1500 as well, and I must say, I have been impressed with some of them! BUT -- buyer beware as I've also seen others that charge a few hundred dollars and it looks like a video taken from an iPhone -- yikes! Before hiring a videographer, always ask for a few sample videos from them to get an idea of their work. Another reason a lot of couples don't hire a videographer is because they don't think they'll watch the video much after their wedding. This might be true, but like having photos, it's something you and your loved ones can go back on and watch years down the road. 

At the end of the day, it's up to you and your significant other to decide if videographer is right for you. If you have questions or need further advice, don't hesitate to ask! We're here to help!

xo, Melody

Melody Hall