Vendor Spotlight: Cutting Garden

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Flowers are a huge component of one's wedding and Carmen with the Cutting Garden is one of the best! We've worked with her on a few weddings now and each and every time is a joy!

How did you become interested in floral design? 
I had a floral design class in college and fell in love! I worked for a small flower shop during and after college and opened my first shop when I was 21.

How did you get into wedding flowers specifically? 
I became extremely burnt out with the retail floral gig and decided when my children were really small, that I wanted my cake and eat it too. I wanted to be able to have the flexibility to still work and have that creative outlet, but stay home with my kiddos too, so I decided to close the retail portion of my store and do just weddings and events. Best decision ever!!! I can give my clients very specialized service and that one on one attention and not have the distractions of a store.  

What do you feel sets you apart from other florists in the wedding industry?
My style and personalized services.

What are your favorite wedding flower trends right now?
I love the wild, free-flowing greens and the simplicity of adding a few bold flowers to make a killer bouquet.

What advice do you have for couples about choosing a florist? 
Ask lots of questions about what they all offer as far as day of set up/delivery. Make sure that you have a comfortable feeling about that designer being able to get your vision for the day.  

Anything else you want to share with us?! 
Love, love, love what I do and being able to create the perfect floral designs for the couples big day!! I feel like I become part of their family!!  

Photo Credit: Ellen Gustafson Photography

Photo Credit: Ellen Gustafson Photography

Melody Hall