Bridal Shower Ideas

One of the most exciting things to experience throughout the course of an engagement is a bridal shower! It’s such an exuberant time when all of the family and friends of the bride and groom gather to celebrate the love the couple share, while sipping champagne, playing games, and gifting the bride items from the couple’s registry. You may be a friend or family member of the bride, or a member of the wedding party, but no matter your position if you’re in charge of planning a bridal shower it can be a little overwhelming. “What should I serve for food and beverage? What colors should I use? What games should we play?” Once you pick a theme, however, all of those elements will fall into place and leave you with a cohesive and well planned shower. Here are some ideas to get you started!


You don’t need to go over the top with reds and pinks so it looks like a middle school Valentine's dance; I’m talking about classic romance. Think light and dreamy colors like blush and ivory with gold accents.  If you do flowers think about keeping them light; like pairing white hydrangeas or dahlias with eucalyptus leaves. This is also the perfect time to use a script font that flows right off the page for your stationary needs (invites, games, etc.)


After all, you and your bridal party love to go all out, right? This theme will make it easy to do just that! Magenta and black paired with gold glitter accents are perfect colors to use for a theme like this. For decorations, think about edgy black and white striped tablecloths with pink or gold glitter table runners for your mimosa or bloody mary bar. Make sure you get glitter foil for the stationary; and of course, don’t forget to get rock candy as a treat for the dessert table OR your glass of champagne.


This is the perfect type of shower to use black and white as the main color scheme, with pops of muted greenery (or you can even use one of the wedding colors as the accent). For centerpieces or decorations you can incorporate gold terrariums with light colored flowers inside or a succulent. This is a type of shower where a light food, such as a cucumber sandwich or shrimp cocktail would be appropriate to serve to guests. Having the dress code be black tie affair would add a touch of professionalism to an already chic event.


This is definitely a shower to consider if you have a bold and bright bride on your hands. You can go all out on this one by choosing the brightest colors to use for drinks, games, or decorations (bright balloons or paper lanterns would fit right in). Colorful patterns, like chevron or polka dots, would look great on the table next to a bold colored napkin. Vibrant floral arrangements consisting of daisies or sunflowers would help pull the table arrangement together nicely. For dessert, this would be the perfect opportunity to provide a cake with bright fondant, colorful cupcakes, sorbet, or a candy bar. You could also whip up a vibrant drink, such as a pink squirrel or blue electric long island, as a signature cocktail!


Think about considering an all - white shower if you’re looking to accomplish that “clean & crisp” look. All white tablecloths, with white napkins and dinnerware create a minimalistic look that is both classy and stunning. White candles and flowers with clear glassware will pull the look together by creating focal points on the table, while the greenery of the flowers will break it up just enough so the look isn’t insanely plain. Stationary needs for the shower can be all white with a light block font; and for drinks, think of clear liquids such as vodka sodas or gin and tonics! If you’re nervous this might turn out too stark, try looking for white on white items to add some variety, such as white tablecloths with white stripes or polka dots.


No matter if you decide on one of these ideas or one of your own, make sure you make it personal to the bride(or couple if you’re doing a co-ed shower) and cater to her interests. Whether it’s a favorite book, sports team, movie, city, or food, you can always bring elements of her favorites into whatever shower you decide to throw; even if it’s as simple as just using the same color scheme.

Melody Hall