Vendor Spotlight: Doggy Social MN


Picture this…. You’re getting married! But wait - what about your fur babies? Will they get to partake in the big day? Well, now they can! Introducing Doggy Social MN. We were introduced to Lara a couple months back and her business model is brilliant. Now your fur baby CAN be at your wedding and drop in for the ceremony, photos or whatever else your heart desires thanks to Lara!

Tell us about your business.
We will take care of everything! Every wedding is completely custom so we learn what your pup’s needs are that day and what you dream of, work with you to come up with a plan and we take it from there! You don’t need to worry about asking your family member or friend to be in charge of your pup at any point. We are there to help everyone enjoy that your pup is there and not see them as a responsibility. We will pick up your pup, chauffeur them to all the locations we have planned out, provide time to exercise and potty breaks, get to the venue early to sniff it out to help lower any anxiety, dress them when it’s time, be by their side to assure safety and lots of belly scratches and attention when you and your family can’t assist your photographer to capture those special moments, and assist your pup wherever needed and bring them home when their exciting day is done to set them up for a cozy evening. In addition, we will capture a few “behind the scenes” photos from your pup’s point of view during the day and send to you that following week which is always a favorite as you are waiting for your professional photographer photos!

Rest assured our #1 priority is the care and safety of your pup. We learn from you what your pup can and can’t have, their likes/dislikes and, in case of emergencies, have your vet’s contact information to quickly take care of your pup. Enjoy your pup being there, but you, nor your family will ever have to worry about a thing!

What led you to the wedding industry, specifically?
I have been drawn to event planning from an early age. I wrote and put on neighborhood plays and musicals as a child. As an adult I was hired to plan a friend’s wedding and fell in love with everything from the planning process, finding creative solutions to the day of when I can, essentially, orchestrate a couples’ perfect day and be there as a supportive professional. I dove right in! I did step away from event planning to complete my degree at the U of M and pursued my interest in social justice and HR for a while, but eventually, realized I missed event planning greatly and with the addition of my pup, Asbjorn, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

While it all comes from a combination of years of event planning along with my lifelong love, connection and respect for really comes down to my pup, Asbjorn. Last year I started a wedding blog as a creative outlet and when Asbjorn came into my life in February and I just knew I wanted to be more involved in his life and other animals life than my 9-5 job would allow. I started Doggy Social MN as a pet care business to serve animals in my neighborhood hoping I could leave my 9-5 to pursue Doggy Social MN full time. While researching pet care I ran across a picture of a pup at a wedding. I knew instantly what I wanted Doggy Social MN to be. I wanted to provide a service for every couple out there dreaming of their fur baby involved on their wedding day, as much or as little as they envisioned, to be able to do so without stress on them, their friends or family. My calling to create something that is an extension of both my love for animals, passion for providing exceptional customer service and creating beautiful moments… and my baby boy Asbjorn led me to creating Doggy Social MN.  

Tell us about your most memorable and fun wedding/event.
Honesty, each one is very special to me. I did have a couple that was getting married at a venue downtown and wanted to venture out to various locations before the ceremony with their pup to capture some fun photos. We walked down the streets of Minneapolis and were greeted by onlookers, cars and busses all excited for the couple. By the way, busses love wedding parties! I have yet to be with a couple on their wedding day and pass a bus that didn’t congratulate them with a honk! The photographer and couple then drove over to Pillsbury Park for some beautiful nature shots where I met them separately with their pup. After that, we headed to the venue where they got a few indoor shots with their pup. The couple held each other during the adventure as I held their pup until they were ready to take pics. We all had such a great time and never did it seem like a burden or stressful for the couple or pup.

Can you tell us about your packages and price point?
Day of services are hourly so there is no confusion about the fee. Your hourly package choice is not due until 2 weeks before the wedding to help the couple make the best choice for them. Everything is custom and we can pack a lot in just 2 hours, but 4 hours is the most popular choice.

Our goal is to provide the  best professional customer service to both the couple and their pup. In order to do so we offer completely custom services. Once we chat with you to learn more about you and your pup’s needs and what you envision, we help to create a custom timeline to work with and assist with any details not known yet. We can also create a complimentary custom Pinterest board for your pup, find that special attire item you envision, think outside the box of how to include your pup in a way that is unique and special to you, supply custom chalkboard signs, floral wreaths, complimentary beautiful leashes and collars and anything else I have in my collection, etc. W'e’ll also work with your vendors on the back end to make sure your day goes just how you dreamed it! It is our great pleasure and honor to help make your day the best day ever!

In addition, 5% of all proceeds goes to the animal rescue of the couple's choice. I look forward to the day when I can raise that % even higher!

Anything else you want to share with us?!
For inspiration and a lot of adorable pics of fur babies in weddings, be sure to follow up on Instagram! This is the best way to learn of any upcoming exciting news. To learn more about our services and to contact us, please check out our website, We look forward to hearing from you!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: We are hosting the first ever Doggy Social MN Wedding Fair on Sunday, March 3rd at the Graduate Hotel! Local vendors will be showcasing all their most creative options for you and your pup on your Big Day, such as the most talented photographers, fur-friendly venues, pup attire options (clothes, floral, jewelry, collars, leashes, etc.), and SO MUCH MORE! This will not only be a FREE and fur-friendly event, but you can enjoy a complimentary human massage while your pup enjoys a pup massage, the bridal pup fashion show and get your custom Claire Ward illustration of you and your pup! If you are thinking of involving your fur baby in any way on your big day, don’t miss this super fun, pampering and inspirational event!  

To learn more and RSVP check out Be sure to get there early, first 50 people will enjoy complimentary champagne and our packed full swag bag!

Photo Credit: Russell Heeter (image provided by Doggy Social MN)

Photo Credit: Russell Heeter (image provided by Doggy Social MN)

Photo Credit: Kate Becker Photography (image provided by Doggy Social MN)

Photo Credit: Kate Becker Photography (image provided by Doggy Social MN)

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