Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Available on  Etsy  from BlackLabelDecor

Available on Etsy from BlackLabelDecor

Available on  Etsy  from Tyrahandmadejewelry

Available on Etsy from Tyrahandmadejewelry

Available on  Etsy  from ForTheMaids

Available on Etsy from ForTheMaids

When it comes to planning your wedding, your bridesmaids are there for you ever step of the way. From planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower, to standing by your side the day of the wedding, these girls are oh so amazing! What better way to thank them than with a unique and personalized gift!?

Our first choice is jewelry. We love the thought of handing your girls a special necklace, bracelet or earrings. Not to mention, this could serve a dual purpose as your girls could each wear the jewelry on your big day! There are some great choices on Etsy whether you want something personalized with their first name or initial, their birthstone, or just about anything else that represents their style and taste.

Our second choice are personalized gifts of all sorts including tumblers, wine glasses, coffee mugs and so much more! While Etsy also has a ton of cute options, check out Avia Custom Designs or Cali's Custom Creations. If you find something you love on Pinterest, chances are they can make it for you! 

One of our final and favorite choices is apparel. Whether it is a personalized robe or zip up hoodie, or maybe even a blanket scarf -- your girls will LOVE this! If you choose robes or zip up hoodies, these not only make a wonderful gift, but they will also look amazing in your "getting ready" photos!

If you're wondering when you should give your girls their special gift, well, you have a few options! You could do this at the rehearsal dinner when your closest family and friends are all in one spot. Or, you can give them their gift the day of your wedding, while everyone is getting ready for instance. At the end of the day, it's YOUR wedding and you can distribute the gifts however you desire!

Melody Hall