Vendor Spotlight: Filtered Vows

If you know me, then you would know that I'm obsessed with Snapchat. From sending Snaps to my friends and uploading Snaps to my story, I literally use Snapchat every single day. I started to see these really neat custom Snapchat filters (wedding-specific!) pop up and I HAD to find out where the brides were finding these things. Long behold, Filtered Vows was born. I am a huge fan of this concept (custom, fun and unique Snapchat filters!) so I had to reach out to co-owner, Cody McClendon, and find out more!

Tell us about your business.
We are a new, innovative, trendy, and up and coming business in the wedding industry. Technology and innovation has lacked in this industry for quite some time and we felt it was the right time to introduce Snapchat Geofilters to couples getting married. Snapchat has been quite popular amongst millennials. This led us to believe that our product would be popular in this industry, and it has been! Couples pick a package that fits their needs best. If you're having a Bachelorette party... you'll want a Snapchat filter. If you're having a Rehearsal dinner... you'll want a Snapchat filter. Are you getting ready the morning of your wedding with your Bridesmaids? I would hope so... and if so, you'll want a Snapchat filter for this, too! And of course, the reception just isn't a reception without a Snapchat filter! Every couple gets a 1 on 1 phone call with us where we get to know the couple and discuss the style of their wedding. We also talk about what they want the filter to look like -- every Snapchat filter we make is custom to that couple. No filter is the same! Last but not least, we ship some signs to every couple that they can put up in high traffic areas at their wedding which communicates to their guests that they have a custom Snapchat filter to use at the reception!

What excites you most about the work you do?
We love hearing and seeing the reactions from the couples after they receive a copy of what their filter looks like. We also love talking about the product so much and just seeing people's faces light up when this idea is introduced to them to have at their wedding. These reactions and comments let us know we're in the right industry and doing the right thing.

What led you to the wedding industry, specifically? 
Lack of innovation and technology, and this seemed like the perfect fit!

Can you tell us about your packages and price points?
We have 3 packages. Each package comes with a 1 on 1 phone call with Filtered Vows, unlimited revisions and signs that act as awareness materials so your guests know you have a Snapchat filter at your wedding. We also handle all of the correspondence with Snapchat and submit for you to Snapchat.

1 filter = $69
3 filters = $199
5 filters = $299

We regularly offer 20% off coupon codes! Just head on over to our website and get one!

Anything else you want to share with us!?
We were recently featured in The Knot Spring 2017 National magazine as a top wedding trend! We are super excited for the 2017 wedding season!


And there you have it! Thank you to Cody for sharing this information with us. If this concept piques your interest like it did mine, be sure to visit their website for more information!

xo, Melody

Melody Hall