The Boutonniere: All Summed Up

Photo Credit:  Parsell Photography

Photo Credit: Parsell Photography

Boutonnieres go wayyyyyy back. They were once used to ward off bad smells, disease, and evil spirits. Men would wear them practically every day as their jackets had a button hole to accompany the boutonniere. These days, however, boutonnieres are generally only worn on occasion -- prom, homecoming and weddings, for instance. 

In this day and age, boutonnieres are all the norm at weddings. They are generally provided to the groom, groomsmen, grandfathers & fathers, and the ushers. But get this, some couples even choose to opt out of purchasing boutonnieres for their wedding as they see this as an added cost and something that is definitely not needed. The funny thing is, most men won't even miss the fact they didn't receive a boutonniere. Show up at any wedding and hand one of the guys their boutonniere. Now, watch the look on their face... pure panic! "How do I put this thing on?" "Can someone help me?!" What side does it go on?" -- these are just a few of the questions we hear. Well, guys, the boutonniere goes on the left side of the shirt/jacket or "above the heart". It's usually easiest to find someone to assist with the pinning as opposed to trying to do it yourself. Once the boutonniere is in place toward the top of the lapel, insert the pin from the back of the lapel toward the front making sure it goes through near the top of the stem, and then through the back of the lapel again. This will ensure the pin cannot be seen. It all sounds so effortless, and trust us -- we get that this can be a real struggle. If Events by Melody is around, please don't hesistate to ask us for help with pinning boutonnieres -- that's what we're here for!

Melody Hall