DIY ALERT: Snack Bars Galore!

Photo Credit:  PNP Flowers

Photo Credit: PNP Flowers

If you've recently attended a wedding or any event for that matter, you've most likely come across a "bar" of some sort. No, not your typically bar where they serve drinks -- something more -- whether it involved trail mix, hot chocolate or candy... IT. WAS. AWESOME. These are some of the latest DIY trends we're seeing, and we're loving every bit of it! Not to mention, offering any of these options can potentially save you money in the long-run. Instead of having appetizers catered in for your cocktail hour, why not have a snack bar featuring an array of sweet & salty snacks for your guests. 

We've seen all sorts of set ups including: Snack Bars, Candy Bars, Hot Cocoa Bars, Smores Bars, Waffle Bars, Donut Bars, Popcorn Bars.... and more! Be sure to check out Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas!

Melody Hall