Bridesmaids Gift Ideas


When it comes to planning your wedding, your bridesmaids are there for you ever step of the way. From planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower, to standing by your side the day of your wedding, these girls are oh so amazing! What better way to thank them than with a unique and personalized gift!?

We recently chatted with Joe over at Bridesmaids Gift Boutique as their company offers a wide variety of unique and personalized bridesmaids gifts. Some of their most popular items include stemless wine glasses, jewelry, champagne flutes, robes and more. Joe was even so kind to send us a sample of one of their stemless wine cups which was personalized with “Melody” written across it in rose gold. It is the perfect cup for some Prosecco :) With that, we wanted to learn more about Joe’s company and find out what sets them apart.

Tell us a little bit about Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique. What kinds of products do you offer?
After working in the wedding industry for years and often seeing the same old wedding gifts being offered, we realized it was time for us to lend a helping hand. Brides need a one stop shop for customized bridesmaid and bachelorette gifts, and we believe we created a pretty cool one. As you can see from our website, personalization is also our specialty, as we truly believe by engraving a name on the gift, it becomes more meaningful. 

We offer a wide variety of unique personalized bridesmaid gifts. Our most popular gifts include robes, totes, makeup bags, and stemless wine cups. The coolest and most unique gift we offer is the caricature wine cup, mug, or flask. Our artist is amazingly talented and we are very proud of being able to offer this to our customers.

What excites you most about the work you do?
Being a bride can be an amazingly overwhelming job. We believe we have created an online store that will help alleviate some of the anxiety and work of being a bride. It feels good to help make people's lives easier.

How do you exceed your customer's expectations?
We feel, and have often been told, our customer service is top notch. We are a small group that runs the online shop, but one of us is always available to assist. We also offer a wide variety of gifts and customers of our website are constantly commenting on our "cool gift ideas."

What are your favorite bridesmaids gift trends right now?
Currently, our most popular gifts include personalized stemless wine cups, embroidered bridesmaid robes, and customized travel totes. My favorite gift will always be the caricature mug wine cup. As I previously stated, our artist does such an outstanding job capturing his subject.  

Anything else we should know about you
We're always looking to add fun gift ideas to our site, so I want our customers and friends of the shop to know we listen to suggestions. If there is something out there that we don't offer, feel free to send us a message and we'll look to add it to our collection.

Melody Hall