Room Block 101: Courtesy vs. Contracted

Photo Credit:  Aventri

Photo Credit: Aventri

At some point during the wedding planning process, you’ll need to think about securing a hotel room block for your guests. We typically recommend you start looking into this about 8-10 months prior and select 2-3 hotels in a variety of price ranges. When inquiring with a hotel, you may find that while most hotels offer a courtesy room block, some do offer only a contracted room block. So, you might ask what the heck is the difference?!

Courtesy Room Block
This is the type of room block that is the most appealing to couples. With this type of room block, you’re not obligated to fulfill bookings for all of the rooms in the agreement! In short, there is no financial risk when going this route. You still will need to sign a contract, but this just outlines the basics such as the group room rates/guest room commitment, cut off date, gift bag fees and other legalities. The only downside to this option is that typically you can only start with 10 room nights per night. However, as those rooms fill up, you may have the option to add on more room nights if the hotel is not completely booked already. You’ll also receive a discounted rate for your guests via group code.

Contracted Room Block
For most couples, we find this one isn’t as appealing. Although, it does have its pros. In short, all rooms contracted MUST be booked. Period. While there is no limit to how many rooms nights you can book, just know that you are held responsible if any of these room nights are not booked and you will be charged! On a positive note, the room rate might be cheaper than that of a courtesy room block (which is more appealing to your guests, of course!)

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