Vendor Spotlight: Fork & Flair

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If you’re still searching for a caterer for your upcoming event, look no further! We love working with Fork & Flair as they’re all about providing the best client experience AND they have delicious food! We interviewed Devin Johnson, Sales & Event Coordinator, to find out about what makes Fork & Flair just so amazing.

What are some of the most important things for couples to keep in mind when choosing a caterer?
While there are a lot caterers who do similar things in the Twin Cities area, find the one that you feel the most comfortable with and fits your needs and budget!

Talk about the process of choosing and finalizing a wedding menu.
We give our clients a structure for what to choose from (example: 2 proteins, (+vegetarian option) 1 starch, 1 veggie, and salad) and then from there they can really create their own menu! I always express to my clients that while choosing a menu that will cater to many needs, it’s also very important to eat what THEY want on their wedding day! We can always accommodate to dietary needs in other ways.

What makes you unique from other caterers?
I think what really makes us unique is that we really, really care about our clients. We work with them from start to finish to make sure we are touching on the little details as well as providing a delicious meal that your guests will continue to talk about!

What catering trends are you seeing at the moment?
Family style is a big one right now! Everyone is loving this style of service. It really brings your guests together and creates conversation. One pointer about family style that will ensure that your guests have a great experience, make your centerpieces smaller so that there is room for all of the platters and bowls on the table! Otherwise things get really crowded and it’s not as comfortable for them.

Anything else you'd like to share with us?
We love what we do, we do it with passion and hard work to ensure your day is above and beyond all expectations! Our food is made from scratch in our beautiful kitchen. We welcome our guests in for tastings that may be scheduled anytime.

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Photos submitted to us by Fork & Flair

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