Late Night Snacks Your Guests Will Love

Photo Credit:  Christian Wiediger

Photo Credit: Christian Wiediger

We’ve all been there. You’re a guest at a wedding; it’s been a few hours since dinner, you’ve been enjoying the open bar, and you’ve been dancing up a storm. There are still a couple hours left of the reception, but it’s getting to be almost 10:00 pm and you’re famished. When planning your wedding, it’s important to remember your guest’s perspective and to be thinking of them as the evening continues on after dinner. Providing a late night snack for them is a great option to counteract the effects of drinks and to refuel them for more dancing. Below you’ll find some snacks that will inspire you to call your caterer and get them on the late night menu! 

Pretzels: Soft pretzels are always a great option because of one word, carbs. This snack will fill guests up while without being too heavy. Try offering different options of pretzels such as Cajun, cinnamon, or even garlic. Don’t forget a variety of dipping sauces though, because honestly, who can say no to nacho cheese?

Nachos: Again, nacho cheese. Whether these chips are dipped in cheese or they’re smothered with fixings, nachos are always a crowd pleaser no matter how messy they may be. To eliminate some mess, you can always opt to do a build your own “nachos in a bag”!

French Fries: It’s potatoes, oil, and salt. You can’t go wrong! Pair this tasty treat with chicken strips or sliders, and again, make sure you have a ton of dipping sauces!

Pizza: You can’t go wrong with this option. Anyone who is anyone knows that pizza is the ultimate late night food as it’s filling AND satisfying. Explore different options of sauce and topping (or gluten free crust) combinations to ensure there’s something for everyone!

Sliders: Whether it’s a mini cheeseburger or a pulled pork slider, this delectable finger food option is always a hit. Think about setting out a build your own slider station so guests can apply all the fixings and condiments they want!

Popcorn: This lightweight, salty snack is a favorite among, well, everyone.  Allow guests to scoop buttery popcorn into cute customized bags and top with ranch, cheddar, jalapeno, or Cajun seasonings!

Tacos: No matter how you serve up this late night snack you know it’s going to be popular among the hungry guests at your wedding. Whether you choose hard shell, soft shell, or deep fried tacos topped with beef, chicken, or shrimp, you know you won’t have any leftovers. As with the sliders, consider having a table where guests can load up their late night snack with all the fixings!

Food truck: Depending where your venue is located, you may be able to book a food truck for your event. If that’s the case, that means that the possibilities of what you could serve as a late night snack are endless. The world is your oyster. Treat your guests to anything from Chinese food, sushi, finger sandwiches, hotdogs, brats, burritos, gyros, Mexican, or ice cream!

Last but not least, as well as serving late night snacks also make sure that your guests have unlimited access to water and coffee while they’re dancing and drinking

Melody Hall