Questions You Should Consider Asking When Inquiring About a Room Block at a Hotel

Let’s talk hotel room blocks. You've come to that point during the planning process where it is time to think about hotel room blocks for you and your guests. While we suggest you book 2-3 hotels ranging in price (high, medium, low price points) near your wedding venue to give your guests options, we also suggest you ask the hotels you’re inquiring with the following questions, too!

1.     Is there a minimum number of rooms you have to block?

2.     When would the room block cutoff date be?

3.     Is there a point person who coordinates this and will let me know when rooms have been reserved under the room block?

4.     How do guests go about securing their room under the room block? Is there an online code or do they have to call the hotel directly?

5.     Do you offer a courtesy room block?

6.     Can I add more rooms if our block fills up?

7.     Is parking included in the room rate?

8.     What amenities are included? 

9.     Will the guests be scattered throughout the hotel or can their rooms be close to each other?

10.  Do you have a room available for day after brunch/gift opening? If so, is this an extra cost?

11.  Does the hotel have a complimentary hotel shuttle that can transport guests to and from our wedding venue?

12.  Do you provided the bride and groom with a complimentary suite?

Melody Hall