What you need to know before registering for gifts

P hoto Credit:  Lauren Conrad

Photo Credit: Lauren Conrad

While planning your wedding, it is likely you will fall victim to the whirlwind of stress that consists of trying desperately to check things off your to do list. Rather than sitting back and enjoying the experiences for what they are it can be easy to want to speed through your cake tasting, just settle on a centerpiece, or randomly select a DJ. Well, registering could be like that too - but don’t let it! Creating your registry with your future significant other can be an incredibly hilarious, stress – free, and fun bonding experience the two of you can share! In order to make this experience feel less like an obligation and more like an adventure here are some tips:

1.       Register at numerous locations

Make sure you are choosing more than one place to register so that items on your registry will be accessible to all of your guests. Choosing to register at between 2-4 stores is the most common. 

2.       Register where you feel comfortable

Visit the stores that you and your future spouse like to shop already – it will make you feel more at home while browsing which will lead to you taking your time rather than rushing through the store.

3.       Talk to a sales associate

Approach a sales associate when you get there and tell them you would like to set up your registry. They will gather your information and walk you through the process. They will then send you through the store with a scanner or smartphone to scan items you would like to add.

4.       Create a list

Keep track of what you already have at home and what you both still want or need. Having a list before beginning will help you remember what you already registered for so you don’t end up registering for a blender at every store.

5.       Don’t register for seasonal or clearance items

Try to stay clear of registering for an item that may be discontinued after a trend or season has passed. In most cases those items may no longer be on the registry when people go to purchase a gift.

6.       Register for items in different price points

Make sure to try to select items in different price points to give your guest some variety while shopping. If you only register for items under $20 you may run out of items quickly, but if you only select items over $200 some guests might not be able to gift them.

7.       Register for a lot

Guests will be buying gifts for numerous occasions during your engagement so make sure you have enough on the registry, or that you are replenishing. It is okay to go back and add more if need be!

8.       Don’t put any of this info on your save the dates or invites

Information like this is meant to be spread by word of mouth or on your wedding website ONLY.

Lastly, remember that you two are a team. This is another fun thing you get to experience together during your engagement - so enjoy it!

P.S. For couples who already live together you may find that you have everything for your home that you could possibly need. In cases like this, it might be beneficial to register with a site like https://www.honeyfund.com/, https://www.theknot.com, or https://www.travelersjoy.com/  where guests can gift money or experiences (such as dinners, movies, mini golfing, or even something as extravagant as scuba diving!) for your honeymoon.


Melody Hall