Vendor Spotlight: Carousel Macarons

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If you know anything about Melody Hall, Owner of Events by Melody, then you would know she has the biggest sweet tooth.... ever. Chocolate, donuts and wedding cake are some of her faves BUT in fall of 2017, macarons were added to her list of favorite desserts. That is when she came across Carousel Macarons based out of Woodbury, MN as they had provided a macaron tower at a wedding Melody and her team coordinated. A few short weeks again, they were working together for a wedding in Duluth and another macaron tower was presented (ta da!). Since then, Melody has been IN LOVE with macarons, specifically from Carousel Macarons, and often orders them on occasion (just because!). With that, we had to find out more about how Carousel Macarons started and what sets them apart!

Tell us a little bit about Carousel Macarons. How did your business get started?
Carousel Macarons is a home-based bakery with an international origin, exclusively specializing in authentic French macarons. I started my business in February 2017 and since then, I’ve been working with clients across the state, being part of their special events and activities. My macarons are all hand-made using almond flour together with the highest quality, gluten-free ingredients. I believe every macaron is a combination of art and precision. With that in mind, I use the opportunity to reflect my passion and creativity in serving macarons that are both delicious and come with a perfect design, visually appealing for any type of occasion. 

How did you get into the wedding/event industry?
As my customers started tasting my macarons for their personal activities, I began receiving requests to be part of their weddings, bridal showers, etc. In the meantime, I tried to expand my network, connecting with successful wedding planners like Events by Melody which led Carousel Macarons into this exciting industry. As I work with my clients, I am observing a growing trend where most brides and grooms are looking for different type of treats which will either complement their wedding cakes or in some cases even replace it. Hence, French macarons are found to be a very elegant alternative with so many color, flavor, design and decoration options that match the wedding theme and make this special day memorable for all the guests. 

What excites you most about the work you do?
Probably the most exciting part of the work I do is being part of my clients’ best moments of their lives with my macarons. The compliments I receive after each event really makes me happy, proud and at the same time, motivates me to do more in this industry. I also love the way you can reflect your creativity in each macaron you bake. I continuously work on new colors, designs, flavors and do custom-design projects which not only makes me excited the most but also takes my macaron business a step forward every day.

What are your most popular macaron flavors?
Currently, my macarons come in 16 flavors. Most popular flavors are Crème Brulee and Ferrero Rocher. Crème Brulee has already gained a very loyal fan base with its unique flavor where I use a French buttercream filling together with caramel in the middle, with top of the shells burnt as it is done for a regular Crème Brulee dessert. I have many different chocolate based flavors but Ferrero Rocher style macarons combine the delicious taste of Nutella, Hazelnuts and buttercream in one bite and everyone loves it. In addition to these two, dark chocolate orange, pistachio and cookies & cream macarons are also preferred by many of my clients.

Anything else we should know about you?
I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey and have been living in the US for the past 5 years. I spent several years in France, learning the language and experiencing different flavors offered by patisseries of Paris. With such an international background, at every opportunity, I try to blend authentic flavors and introduce creative designs which reflect the true European origin of French macarons. And I am happy to see that my clients love this unique essence of Carousel Macarons.

Eser Kucukseyhan
Carousel Macarons
Woodbury, Minnesota

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