10 best engagement photo spots in minnesota and how to pick one

Taking engagement photos can be one the most exciting moments in preparation for your wedding. Each photo will create a lasting memory, and let’s be honest, your friends and family are dying to see them!

But one of the challenges you might face with an engagement shoot is deciding where to go. After all, the possibilities are endless! We’ve set a few guidelines to help you narrow down the locations, know what to expect of the location, and pick a spot that truly speaks to who you are as a couple. Then check out the bottom of this post for the top 10 best engagement photo spots in Minnesota! 

Memory Lane: Choose a location that embodies a significant part in you and your fiancé’s history. For example, where you first met, your first date, your favorite travel spots; anywhere with a cherished memory. If there’s a significance behind the location, chances are you’ll feel more relaxed during the shoot.

Choose a setting you're comfortable with: A big turnoff for couples taking engagement photos is the feeling of being a public spectacle. While you may be attracted to a busy, urban setting, make sure to think through how you will feel in front of the camera. You want to be completely comfortable in order to get the most authentic photos.

Trust your photographer: Camera shy? Not a problem. Getting to know your photographer will decrease the tension and you’ll be able to relax and just have fun! The goal of engagement photos is to capture who you are as a couple, so just be yourselves.

What to wear: Your wardrobe should reflect your personality. (Remember, be yourself!). While of course you have the utmost freedom to wear whatever you’d like, there are a few guidelines you should stick to:

Solid colors are your best friends. Your location may determine what colors you stick with. For example, a bold red dress may be more appropriate in an urban setting rather than nature, since the red would create and appealing contrast from the neutral tones of the buildings. Nature, on the other hand, is usually filled with a broader, bolder color spectrum. Don't forget about accessories!  


What are my options? Now onto the tricky part-deciding on a location. Most likely, you’re going to opt for a location that is relatively close by, (although if you want to do a destination shoot that’s awesome too!) Let’s outline some of the setting options. Again, the possibilities are endless, but these are the most common, and certainly some of our favorites! 

Nature-Lucky for us, Minnesota is home to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking natural wonders in the U.S. Take advantage of our state’s forests, gardens, waterfalls, and seasons!  

Urban- Downtown scenery offers a fresh perspective to traditional photos. You also have a wider variety of backgrounds to work with than you would in a natural scenic setting.

Vintage- Take some classic photos with settings, props, and fashion that reflect a piece of the past. Vintage photos are very elegant, and easy to pull off. 

Nautical- This shouldn’t be too difficult, considering we are the land of 10,000 lakes! Taking nautical themed photos on a boat or beach can be a unique and fun experience!

Fairgrounds- This is another fun one. Think about taking photos in a busy, fun-loving environment and incorporating rides, carnival games, bright colors, festive foods, and more.  




Once you have an idea of what theme you're going with, it's time to pick a location. Here are the TOP 10 BEST ENGAGEMENT PHOTO SPOTS IN THE TWIN CITIES 



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