Vendor Spotlight: Eyetography

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Tell us about your business.

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We're a husband and wife team and we've been shooting together for 7 years. We love working together and are happily changing the cliche that traveling for business is no fun at all. Nothing makes us happier than working with people we admire and telling their stories through photography and videography. We like to think of our jobs as creating the counterpoints to all the depressing news stories. Everyone is changing the world in their own small way and we get to tell the stories of fantastic people falling in love and bringing a little more good into the world. We’re kind of saps.

What do you love most about being a wedding videographer?

We love capturing real moments. There are very few times in most people's lives when they can forget that they're being photographed or filmed and truly let their guard down in front of a camera. On a wedding day, this can happen multiple times! There is so much meaning and emotion in getting married, in seeing old friends, hugging a grandparent, and course, coming down the aisle. Weddings are the one perfect opportunity to see and capture people as their best and most authentic selves.

What led you to the wedding industry, specifically? 

Our very first wedding was a backyard ceremony on the 4th of July. It rained all morning and stopped just an hour before the bride was supposed to come down the aisle. The moment the sun came out, the ceremony site was filled with people: cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends, all setting up decorations and wiping down every chair. I love that camaraderie of a wedding day, where everyone comes together to help - and then let loose at the reception! I love how a wedding is not just a story about the couple, but all the people around them. It's about the parents giving their children away, it's about remembering the people who couldn't be there in person, and it's about gratitude and celebration for everyone who's been around the couple their whole lives. 

Tell us about your most memorable and fun wedding/event. 

We realized because of this questions that the length of the ceremony does not always reflect how memorable it is! The most memorable ceremony we've witnessed was 6 minutes long, was written entirely by the bride and groom, and ended with the officiant opening a bottle of champagne with the slash of a saber!

What makes you unique from other wedding videographers? 

We put the story first. We don't have a formula or a system for editing our videos because every wedding is different. Our first priority is creating something that is fun and engaging to watch over and over. We want our couples to enjoy watching of course, but also their friends, their family members, maybe one day their children and grandchildren, and if possible, complete strangers!

Can you tell us about your packages and price point? 

We start at $3,200 and we do "build your own" packages with our couples. Every schedule is different and every couple is different. We want them to customize what they want instead of trying to figure out which packages might fit them. We'll talk them through the options and figure out how long we should be with them on the wedding day, what length their ideal film is, and anything else the might want or need. 

Tell us one thing we might not otherwise know about you. 

We got married ourselves last September and our favorite part of the day was the few minutes we spent together alone right after the ceremony. We would never had that moment without our planner. She prepared the room with champagne and hors d'ourves waiting for us. If our couples ask, we always encourage them to get a planner. All the planning in the world won't make you a clone on your wedding day. When the time comes, it's nice to have someone looking out for and caring for you instead of you coordinating and taking care of everyone else!

For a lighter answer, if you poke around our website, you might realize that we're proud cat parents. However, you'd never know how often we talk to our cat. He hasn't answered yet, but when the time is right, we're sure he'll chime in. 


Check out Eyetography's website to see some of their AMAZING work! 




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