Vendor Spotlight: The Thirsty Whale Bakery

Tell us a little bit about Thirsty Whale Bakery.

We are a nationally award winning custom bakery & cakerie in North Minneapolis. We specialize in custom wedding and event cakes, but we do also bake and create about every dessert you an think of! There is no challenge we turn down when it comes to cakes, the crazier, the better!

What excites you most about the work you do?

We love the wow factor, and when our clients experience their wow moments when they see their cakes! It's the best feeling in the world to see a bride light up as we bring in the wedding cake, or a kid at their birthday party freak out when we big in a big 3D cake! 


We work individually and closely with all of our clients to design them individual custom cakes, each piece can be as unique as our clients request and we love getting to know them through the process.

How do you exceed your client's expectations? I think out clients are always impressed and surprised by our versatility, but more then anything clients LOVE and are so happy and surprised when we design their cake by hand sketching out their vision. 

What should couples look for in their wedding cake baker?

Couples should, with and vendors really, be looking for someone who they are comfortable working with and have a good time spending time with and talking too! The design process can sometimes take a few hours and can be a lot of fun, and OF COURSE the cake better taste great, and I believe we can definitely fulfill that need with our delicious cakes. Honey-wine Moscato Cake with Raspberry Filling is our favorite!

What is your most popular cake flavor(s)?

Whoops! Already answered that haha, but we love our Honey-wine Moscato Cake with Raspberry Filling. Our clients love our Chocolate Stout Cake with Baileys Mousse which you can customize with your very own favorite beer!

What trends are you noticing?

I think people are really starting to realize that they can get ANYTHING on their wedding day and we are seeing more and more clients taking advantage of our ability to customize this cake, maybe it includes lyrics from their songs, custom sugar topper that look like them and their pets, or something more simple like their wedding colors. Gone are they days of the plain white wedding cake! 

Anything else we should know about you?

Besides the fact that we LOVE Events by Melody, ;) We want our clients to know that they can feel comfortable coming into our shop and having a fun time with us! We love to have a good time and create cool things while doing it! And we can't wait to meet them!


*All photos provided by The Thirsty Whale

Melody Hall