What to Consider When Including Your Pet in Your Wedding

Photo Credit:  Circle of Love Weddings

A pet often plays a very important role in a couple’s life.  So it seems only natural to want them a part of your special day.  However, there are a few things you will want to consider before including your furry friends.

Most importantly, verify your venue allows pets.  You don’t want have your heart set on having your pet by your side only to find out they have a strict No Pets Allowed policy. 

Next, decide how you would like your pet to be involved.   Will they stand with the wedding party?  Will they have a specific role such as ring bearer?  Will they walk down the aisle carrying a sign announcing the bride?  Or will they have a secondary presence such as in photos only?  This will depend largely on your pet’s personality and on the venues policies.  

Consider carefully how your pet will react to large crowds and noises before making this decision.  Are they consistently well behaved?  Do they acclimate quickly to new people and environments?

Photo Credit:  Lakeside Gardens

Photo Credit: Lakeside Gardens

Once you have decided your pet’s role here are a few things to ensure success. 

This person can be focused 100% on your pet.  Have them arrive early so your pet has the time to meet the guests in a less stressed manner.  This person will also take any stress off of you regarding your pet’s care and safety throughout the day.

Be sure to include information regarding your pets role in the ceremony on your website or invitation.  This will allow your guests and bridal party to make any decisions they need to regarding allergies etc…

Prepare your photographer with any ideas you have regarding photos of your pet before, during and after the ceremony.  If you have a No Pets Allowed policy at your venue this is a great option to include your pet without being a part of the ceremony.  Meet the photographer at an alternative location for photos with you and your pet before or after the wedding.  Or include your pet in your engagement photos, invitations, or website.

Dogs are the most commonly seen pets at weddings however, they are not the only pets you can include in your special day.  Some couples opt to include animals like horses, birds, bunnies, or cats, for example.

The secret to success in planning a pet participation wedding is being prepared.  Ask yourself how having your pet involved in your wedding will best serve everyone, including your pet and go from there.

Melody Hall