Vendor Spotlight: Makeup by Mindie

Are you still searching for an AMAZING makeup artist for your wedding or special event!? Look no further... introducing Makeup by Mindie! We briefly met her at a wedding earlier this year. The bride and bridesmaids were absolutely stunning! Mindie seriously does magic with her makeup brush -- you definitely need to check out her work on Instagram and Facebook. We loved her work so much that we HAD to reach out and find out more about her!

What do you love most about being a makeup artist?
I love when someone comes into my studio and knows all about my work and just lets me go for it! They trust in my work and I get to just have fun with their face! I love seeing the makeup enhance someone right in front of me. I get so excited!

What should brides look for when choosing a makeup artist?
I always recommend looking at photos showcasing their work. Photos let you know how they do makeup. Whether you are looking for a soft natural look or something more dramatic, their work should show you what they can do.

What makes you unique from other makeup artists?
I ask a lot of questions! I want to truly know what you are used to so I can upgrade your look so that you are still comfortable. I love to do more glamorous makeup but it has a soft touch. I would say a mix between Victoria Secret makeup and Kim Kardashian. 

What's your own best makeup experience?
I have been able to work with Jessica Hall from “The Girls Next Door” and now “Kendra On Top!” Which was very exciting! She was telling Kendra I have to come out to L.A for the show! 

How do people get in touch with you for bookings?
Feel free to shoot me an email or check out my online schedule which is open to book at my studio 9 months out! 

Anything else you want to share with us!?
I have wanted to be a Makeup Artist since I was very young actually! I have worn makeup since I was about 8 years old. I remember watching my mom put foundation on with her fingers and thought “Wow! That lotion makes her look so pretty!” So, I would secretly take it and wear it. I would ask my teacher to go to the bathroom at least 3 times a day to re-apply my eyeliner! People would make fun of me or yell at my not to wear it but now it all makes sense! 

Mindie (Makeup by Mindie)

Mindie (Makeup by Mindie)

Melody Hall