Questions You Need to Ask Your Florist Before You Book With Them

Photo Credit:  Britleigh Photography

Photo Credit: Britleigh Photography

When it comes to planning your wedding, you'll eventually need to meet with a florist in order to secure beautiful flowers for your big day. You'll likely need a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres for the guys, corsages for the Mother of the Bride and Groom. You'll also need to decide if you want floral arrangements elsewhere, such as the centerpieces and/or scattered around your ceremony arch. The options are endless with your floral selections and you can never go wrong having too many! That's why it's not only important to meet with a good florist, but to also do your part and come prepared with a list of questions before you secure their services.

First and Foremost
First and foremost, ask them if your wedding date is available. Then, it's important to ask them how many other weddings they will be doing the same day as yours. Keep in mind they have to not only make the floral arrangements, but arrange for delivery and/or pick up and many other wedding day logistics which can get hectic if they have a bunch of weddings the same days as yours. Speaking of making the floral arrangements, be sure to ask them how far in advance they do this and where they keep the arrangements stored the days leading up to the wedding.

Now, on to the financials: Ask them if they require a minimum floral budget. Chances are that they do, but this is so they make sure their time is worthwhile. On the other hand, see if they can work within your budget.

Floral Design
It's always a good idea to ask them what their preferred floral style is (i.e. traditional, modern, rustic, etc.) In short, you want to make sure they can make your vision come to life. Depending on the time of the year (spring, summer, fall, winter), you'll want to ask what types of flowers are in (roses, peonies, etc.) You'll also want to see what color of florals are in depending on the season you're getting married as well. Finally, ask what else they have to offer such as renting vs. keeping floral vases, aisle runners, votives, candelabras, adding flowers to your wedding cake and so on. Some florists really do more than just create pretty floral arrangements! 

Payment & Logistics
Finally, you'll want to be sure to figure out payment options and logistics such as delivery, pick up/drop off, set up, etc. Find out what they charge for delivery and set up. Some florists allow you to pick up the floral arrangements yourself and deliver to the venue and set up yourself (this is something your day of coordinator can you do for you!) If you do plan to have your florist set up, be sure to find out what time they can come breakdown the floral arrangements and take any of their vases and other borrowed items (note: there may be an extra fee for this). Finally, you'll want to ask what the deposit is to secure their services and figure out when you should circle back with them to figure out and finalize your order.

For a full list of questions which we encourage you to print and bring with to your upcoming florist meeting(s), check out this great article from BRIDES.

Melody Hall