Vendor Spotlight: Sadie's Floral

Photo Credit:  Flow Event Group

Photo Credit: Flow Event Group

Flowers, flowers and more flowers. That's what you'll get -- and then some -- when working Sadie's Floral in Minneapolis! We just LOVE their work so we decided to do a little Q&A with the owner, Melissa Stratton, and find out more about them!

How did you become interested in floral design?
In my 20's, part of my job was event planning. I worked with high profile clients and designed high end events all over the world. In that same time frame we hired many famed floral designers. I absolutely fell in love with the design, textures and colors of flowers. I loved how the flowers changed the spaces we worked in.

How did you get into wedding flowers specifically?
In 2005, I moved to Minnesota and I started going to school for interior design. I wanted to learn more about color, balance, proportion and floor plans. I wanted to eventually own my own floral and event design studio. During that time, I trained in New York City with a famed floral design and started to work and shadow for Sadie's Floral. I worked closely with the owner of Sadie's Floral and she mostly did wedding flowers. I started to really love the Minneapolis/St. Paul wedding industry. Without any initial intention, I ended up buying Sadie's Floral because the owner was relocating. It was such a natural progression for me to take it over and it's been such a magical journey. Now, 8 years later and with much growth, I am very happy to still be part of this thriving wedding industry.

What do you feel sets you apart from other florists in the wedding industry? 
We are a big picture floral design studio that offers many options in regard to style/vessels and personal touch. We love to be challenged with all design ideas - modern, botanical, classic, romantic, organic, etc. Most importantly, what sets us apart is my talented floral design team.  Working with my these amazing hardworking and stylish souls is what makes my company go around. They are simply best and so FUN to work with. 

What are your favorite wedding trends right now?
I love the mix of unique textures and pushing the limits with shape. We are really enjoying our clients stepping out of the box.

What advice do you have for couples about choosing a florist.
You are working with seasonal products. Let your floral company pick the best options that work with you design and coloring ideas.

There you have it -- thank you, Melissa and Sadie's Floral, for being this week's vendor spotlight! If you haven't already be sure to check them out on the web & social media:

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