Vendor Spotlight: KP Photography

Photo Credit:  KP Photography

Photo Credit: KP Photography

This week's vendor spotlight features Kayla Warwick with KP Photography! We had the chance to work with her recently a few times this past year and she was a blast to work with! So, we reached out to do a little Q&A with her to find out more about her and her biz...

Tell us about your business.
I started my business shortly after I had my daughter in 2011. I started off small only focusing on family sessions, and then I started learning about weddings and finally found my calling. Now, after six years, I am lucky enough to consider photography my full time job. I have expanded my business and have hired on three additional employees and hopefully will continue to grow where we can train other photographers to join our team. We will be able to grow and better our clients and book more weddings while still offering the most affordable packages for wedding couples.

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?
What I love most is meeting new clients and couples. We love hearing their stories and sharing their special day with them. Usually by the end of the whole wedding process, we walk away with new friends. It is amazing to take engagement photos, then their wedding, and continue to stay in touch for either a maternity session, birthing session, anniversary session or family session. Being able to capture such timeless and memorable moments is truly a blessing.

What led you to the wedding industry, specifically?
What led me to photographing weddings was simply the amount of photos I can truly capture in one day. The amount of happiness being seen in each and every photo. I also love working with each individual couple on planning out their perfect day and specifically getting to know their style and what is important to them. I also really enjoy having flexibility. I work pretty much every Saturday with some Friday and Sunday weddings where during the rest of the week I can be at home with my family. I usually do editing and office work at the end of the night when the kids go to bed. Its been such a blessing from God that I am able to be at home with my family as much as I am.

What are your favorite wedding trends right now? 
I have a few favorite wedding trends right now. I love and get so excited when I get mix match bridesmaid dresses or even sequin dresses. Turns out to make such stunning photos. I also really enjoy any type of send off photos. We have had quite a few sparkler send offs which are so much fun. As always any type of open food bar is great. S'mores bar, donut bar, pop corn bar, pie bar, etc. So fun to see what couples can come up with.

Tell us about your most memorable and fun wedding/event.  
In 2017, so far one of our favorite and memorable weddings have to had been Erin & TJ. This was a wedding that Events by Melody also was part of. There was not a dry eye during the ceremony when Erin read her vows to her husband. The grand entrance when the best man and maid of honor literally switch clothes (yes the best man was in a dress!) and the best father / daughter dance we have ever witnessed. Since we always have two photographers I had to switch over to video to capture it while my second shooter kept taking photos. You can view the video on our Facebook Page. Some of our favorite venues this year have been Edgewood Farm in Henderson, MN, Pine Peaks Event Center in Pine River, MN and the Outpost Center in Chaska, MN. These are just a few of my favorites!

What makes you unique from other wedding photographers? 
Something that may make us more unique from other wedding photographers is the amount we have to offer for a more realistic price. With all our wedding packages we offer two photographers (we will never shoot solo) engagement session and albums. Also, we are super easy to work with to create packages to fit budgets and needs of the wedding couple. We love doing more candid photos rather than posing. It overall just captures true love and happiness with each and ever photo we take.

Can you tell us about your packages and price point? 
Our packages roughly range from $2,000 to $3,000, give or take if things wanted to be added to packages. We love to customize packages. We hold lots of contests and giveaways on our Facebook page that can be applied towards wedding packages. Also, we offer discounts to military, first responder, firefighters, and law enforcement. Not to mention we are doing a huge exciting giveaway with other wedding vendors for one lucky 2019 couple you wouldn't want to miss! I truly believe we do more contests and giveaways to make sure our clients always stay involved and participate.

Tell us one thing we might now know about you otherwise. 
Something people might know now is how truly passionate I am about wedding photography and making amazing new friends along the way. Something that always speaks true to my heart is when I read new reviews and how happy every client is. I can't even call being a photographer a job, its more of such a fun hobby I am so lucky to do. I am always willing to help every client out to the best of my needs and will do whatever it takes to make them 110% happy. Also a funny hidden secret is usually there is a point of time during every wedding where I might possibly be crying...happy tears, of course. Whether it's during the first look, father of the bride speech, vows, or first dance... I'm secretly hiding and crying behind my camera. Oh and each couple will most certainly at some point during their wedding day be taking a selfie with me and my second shooter. I have a wall in my office of all the wedding couples with us!! 

Photo Credit:  KP Photography

Photo Credit: KP Photography

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