A Proper Way to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

Photo Credit:  KLEE Design Co.

Photo Credit: KLEE Design Co.

Your wedding is less than three months away... it's time to assemble and prepare to send out those wedding invitations to your guests! Ideally, these should be sent out 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding -- so plan on assembling about 3-4 months out, if possible. Here's a step by step process that you can follow below:

1. Lay the invitation down (wording facing up)

2. Lay the details card on top (wording facing up)

3. Tuck the response card in the small response card envelope and place it on the very top (just under the flap, not actually in the envelope). Also, tuck it under the flap so that the word "Response" is showing.

In short, it should go from largest to smallest on top with all wording facing up.

Does your invitation suite include both an outter and inner envelope? If so, the inner envelope will have everything stuffed inside of it (invitation, response card/envelope, details card), and then will go in the outter envelope. Leave the inner enevelope unsealed. The outter envelope is used to protect the inner envelope from getting dirty or smudges when it gets send through the mail. The inner envelope is optional, so if you didn't get those, no worries. The outter envelope will be formally addressed for mail purposes (names and address), whereas the inner envelope is addressed to be specific as to who is invited (in your case, they'd realize that no kids are invited) as it would only say "Mr. and Mrs. Johnson", for instance. Again, if you don't have the inner envelopes, don't worry and just address the large envelope.

A few tips...

Response card envelopes: 

  • Make sure you add a stamp to each one which will encourage your guests to send the response back and plus they won't have to pay for postage themselves. 
  • Make sure you put your address on this envelope (or where they should be mailed back to). This address should go on the front of the envelope.
  • You should also put the guest's return address on it for each guest. This address can go on the back flap of the envelope.
  • Leave unsealed!


  • Address response card and outer envelopes first (that way you won't get any writing marks or indentations through to the invitations themselves)
  • As for addressing the envelopes, are you hiring a calligrapher? Utilizing printing services somewhere? Hand writing? Just something to think about.

As always, if you have further questions on this topic, feel free to send us a note!

Melody Hall