How to Address Your Save the Dates

Photo Credit:  Oh So Beautiful Paper

Photo Credit: Oh So Beautiful Paper

If you read last week's blog post, then you know we talked about the basics of Save the Dates. This week, we're taking it a step further -- it's time to get those save the dates addressed and in the mail for your guests! When addressing the save the dates, there is some etiquette that comes into play.

1. Address the guests with their professional titles or by using Mr., Mrs., or Ms.
2. Write the full names of your guests
3. Add kids' names on the second line right after their parents
4. Provide your return address on the envelope either on the top left corner in front or on the back flap

Need further help? Here are some examples:

To a married couple
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Hall

To a single man or women with a guest

Ms. Emily Johnson and Guest

To an unmarried couple

Mr. John Anderson and Ms. Kendra Thomas

To families with children under the age of 18
Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson
Mason, Kendall and Ava

...or you can go the non-traditional route and just write "The Johnson's" or "Jake and Angie", for example. Don't forget to seal your envelope with a custom envelope seal/sticker. Etsy has a wide variety of options from the couple's name and wedding date to something as simple as "save the date" -- happy planning!

Melody Hall